Monday, February 01, 2010

This CANNOT be Good...

Scott and I went to the boat to check her out on Saturday morning and this is what we found in her belly:

I suppose it's better than our boat being "on the rocks" the OTHER way...but we have a feeling, come spring, we're not going to be too pleased about this.

For those of you who don't know what this is - this is our "bilge" and it goes down another 3 feet or so.  Its primary function is to contain water coming into the boat so that it's not all over the place and it is now a solid 3 x 2 block of ice.  It also contains our bilge pump which, we can only assume, is now toast. 
Considering that our boat has been shrink-wrapped and is "out of the elements" this begs the question:  Where in the hell did all this water come from?

Oh - and yes, our boat was "winterized" so this, in *theory* should NOT be from our water tanks...if it is, we have a very big problem.


Brittany & Scott

* Post script 3/21:  Turns out, the water in the bilge was just melted snow that came in through scuppers.  Hooray!


Lisa Hanneman said...

Good God Yaw! Looks like the perfect size for a kiddy ice rink. Charge admission and you'll make a little revenue to help with repairs, no?

Too early for jokes???

Kev said...


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