Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moving on out!

It's happening.  We are moving onto the boat.  Our apartment looks like a squatter* and all our belongings are in giant zip lock bags or bins and split between land and lake.  Oh how quickly things change!

Our estimated departure is this Monday - and we are working around the clock to make sure that happens!

Well...I guess we're not working completely around the clock as I am off to dinner in a few.  How dull would *literally* "working around the clock" be anyway!?  If there is one thing I know how to do - it is to have fun and kick back in the midst of madness.  You just gotta step away sometimes.  Smell the roses.  Have a laugh.  Drink some vino.  It's a gift, I know.

More updates soon...for now, I am going to scarf down a chopped salad, some Sauvignon Blank and enjoy the company of my very best friend.

PS.  No, I did not leave Scott working alone on the boat (although, truth be told - it has occurred once or twice when a friend with wine calls).  He's having a dinner dockside with our friends Cody and Jim for Jim's birthday, so I am not the only one yucking it up.

*Fun factoid I learned while Google image searching:  there is an advisory site for "squatters" in the UK.  Man.  If you are either super bored or interested in squatting in the UK - take a look at this site.  What is hysterical is that on the site they say, without a hint irony,  that their office is "a bit tricky to find".


Neophyte Cruiser said...

Wow! How exciting to be ready to cast off the dock-lines and be on your way. I'm looking forward to following the culmination of all your hard work and the wonder of your future adventures.

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