Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Not all time on the 'head' is wasted!

Scott comes back from a trip to head this morning and exclaims; "I just memorized the phonetic alphabet, wanna hear!?"

Yes, he spends this much time on the toilet.  But... how can you blame him when he comes back from the pooper with this little gem?  Read for yourself:

ALFA did a dance and everyone said BRAVO, except for CHARLIE, who left to fly on DELTA to leave on a jet plane..the jets engines ECHO(ed) loudly causing the FOX(trot) to run across the GOLF course to the HOTEL, which was in INDIA.  JULIET was waiting there with a KILO from LIMA (she was a bad girl!) that she was selling to MIKE in NOVEMBER.  He introduced her to OSCAR - who she ended up making a PAPA (whoops!) just 9 months later.  She left him and moved to QUEBEC where she finally met her ROMEO (and cleaned up her act!).  They vacationed in SIERRA (Nevada), where they often did the TANGO in UNIFORM.  All the while, Grandpa VICTOR drank WHISKEY awaiting the results of his X-RAY.  When he found out they were negative, he whistled the YANKEE doodle dandy and ran off to South Africa to marry a ZULU princess.

The End.

And this, my friends, illustrates one of the fundamental differences between men and women.  And that would be: time spent on the pot.


Brittany & Scott


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Wow! Scott must have been in there quite a while. =) Very creative (and cute)!

Julie Melissa said...

I have one word. POOCANO.

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