Thursday, December 16, 2010

Awesome Person(s) of the Week: Scott's Mom and Stepdad

It was 12 o'clock somewhere, I swear.
We have been MIA the past couple of days because we have been getting pampered and spoiled (yet again!) by Scott's mom and step dad at the Boca Resort* in Boca Raton.  We had an absolute blast with them, chilling, eating delicious food, laughing, cocktailing reading by the pool...  They were incredibly generous and paid our slip fees there (and pretty much every other expense!) and we had a fabulous time.  As Ed (Scott's step dad) said, "We are happy to do it - consider it your Christmas present...and, well, at the rate you two drink maybe your birthday presents as well...".  Ha!  A wonderful time was had by all.  THANK YOU SUE AND ED, we love you!

...back to bagels and peanut butter!

Brittany & Scott

*While we had a lovely time here - this is not a recommended place for cruisers like us.  Very expensive and the "marina" does not cater at all to cruising boats.  If you want an all inclusive vacation, by all means - go here - but we would not suggest staying here if you are passing through the area.


Laura and Hans said...

It's a good thing you added that disclaimer! Your mom and step dad might have found themselves unexpected hosts to a whole lot of south bound cruisers!

Lara Kercinik said...

Brit - I love your black/white pullover in this photo - super cute! Where'd you get that? Such a great picture - you all look so tan and healthy!

- Jealous from the Tundra

Lisa said...

Reminds me of the story friends of ours told on their first cruise with their 42 foot boat in that area. They were told there was a "45 foot minimum". Husband says to wife: We will have to find another place. Wife says to husband: They just want to charge us for 45 feet. You can park a dinghy there if you will pay! Guess who was right?

Windtraveler said...

@ Laura & Hans - haha, good point - though Scotts parents were only vacationing there, so they wouldn't have had to host anyone ;)
@ Lara - I know, I love it too. It was compliments of Tar-get (pronounced, Tar-shey, of course). Thanks! xo
@ Lisa - awesome, and oh yes! I know who was right. Money talks, right?

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