Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Gypsy Life

Sometimes you just gotta beach yourself and slow down.
As I mentioned yesterday, Scott and I have moved with ease into a gypsy life.  I have always thought I had a gypsy soul - adaptation seems to be one of my strong points.  I am equally comfortable in the bush in East Africa and at a black tie gala in downtown Chicago.  I have a strong affinity for a simple, country life in a small town - but also love the energy, excitement and pace of a city.  Scott, too, has a knack for adaptation - he's lived all over the US from Santa Barbara to Chicago, and for most of that time owned nothing more than would fit in his Dodge Durango.

We like change.  It feels good to be moving, and what's best is we move in our home.  We have everything we could ever want or need tucked into our little tortoise shell of a boat.  When the weather is right and our feet start to itch, we pull up anchor or cast off our lines and quietly move on leaving nothing in our wake.  When we started this trip, we set a fast pace - we had to, for old man winter was tapping his icy fingers on our shoulders every single day.

Now that we are in the South and the threat of ice and snow is gone -  we still feel the urge to move on, see a new town, fire up the engine or (preferably) set the sails to a new course.  We have loved ones to meet in the near future and our pace is not quite as slow as we'd like.  We have learned that even we need to take time to stop and smell the roses, look around and take it all in.  Even we - in our little sailboat that goes about as fast as a runner can jog - need to pace ourselves.  We are looking forward to being tied to a dock less and out at anchor more where we will be more isolated and more in tune with ourselves, where the noises and pressure to go ashore and get things "done" will be less and where we will be forced to just be.

We'll get there.


Brittany & Scott


Mike Tehensky said...

You have such a way with words, and I find myself looking forward to the blogs you and Scott post everyday! Kind of like what new adventures does life bring today - as with all of us! This hustle and bustle of the city gets old, and like you makes me want to pack up and go! Might run into you guys along the way - I'll be sure to say hello!

JD, Jen and Ruby said...

So so glad we found your blog. The fact that I am commenting on a post that is over three years old is beside the point! You guys are helping other people in so many ways. It's great reading from the begining, knowing where you are today (back in Chicago with twins in the oven) and looking forward to learning from the space in between. Kindred spirits I tell you.

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