Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pot Lucks and Movie Nights

The crews of s/v Rasmus, s/v Illusion, s/v Panacea and s/v Pirat have enjoyed a little respite here in Shroud Cay. We've pretty much had this idyllic little spot of beach to ourselves and (before the giant mega yacht showed up) we feel like we're the only ones in the Bahamas. It's been great. Last night we had a fabulous 'pot luck' on the beach and we ended the night aboard Rasmus for "movie night". Scott and I lowered our dinette table and made (essentially)one giant bed where all eight of us (yes, eight of us)lounged while we watched the "Fantastic Mr. Fox", ate chocolate chips and cajun popcorn. We are most certainly not doing "without" - furthermore - we have spend pretty much ZERO dollars since entering the Bahamas and that also puts big fat grins on our faces.

Also, just fyi - we don't have "internet" connection(I am only updating this through SSB, hopefully it doesn't look too bad!) so I have been unable to update Facebook and check our gmail for the past two weeks or so, so please be patient...we are hoping to get "connected" again today or tomorrow as we make for Staniel Cay whence I will post more pretty pictures and blogs for you to enjoy!

Brittany & Scott

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Bob Harwig said...

Just found your blog from Forest & Fin. I'm friends with the Lara and Brian and living (on land) in St Thomas. If you guys are headed to the VIs, let me know - I'd love to grab a drink and talk boats!

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Wow, it sounds like ya'll are having a blast, and for no extra money ... cool! The post looks fine by the way. We wouldn't have known it was done any differently.

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Pot lucks, movies and new friends for no additional costs ... awesome! The posts look great by the way. We wouldn't have known you did them any differently.

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