Saturday, July 16, 2011

El Capitan

I mentioned before there are some really exciting things going on around here!  We have been selected to be in the blog feed over at Cruising World Magazine, and we have been chosen as the "Blog of the Month" by Latitudes and Attitudes.  In addition, we have been given lots of love by both Women and Cruising as well as North American Sailor!  As if that's not enough - I am working (very hard!) on a beautiful coffee table book of our journey thus far (more on that soon!) and we reached over 1,000 followers on Facebook!  Whew!  Lots of goodness going on around here.  And that's not all!  Scott is getting his "master" Captain's License!* Not only will this sharpen his already excellent maritime skills, but this will make him more marketable in the yachting industry.  He already has an exciting job opportunity in Grenada and, as you know, we are committed to living the cruising lifestyle for as long as we are having fun and are able.  Who knows? Maybe before too long you can come and do a cruising vacation on Rasmus with a fully certified captain!  Wish him luck - he will be taking the final exam in about 10 days!

Brittany & Scott

* Scott is obtaining his masters license at this facility in Traverse City.  This place has many advantages over others in that the couse is 10 consecutive days long and you can take the exam THERE rather than driving to Toledo.  Interested in sharpening your skills and becoming "official"?  Check them out here.  It's offered all over the US and if you take the course - mention US and we'll get some coinage!!


Anonymous said...

Just read your 'SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2010 Sharing the Load' post which came up back to back in my reader with your post 'El Capitan'.

So when are you going to get YOUR captain's license Brittany?

Dominick said...

Make certain you understand what is on the parcc measurement and also exactly how it will certainly be asked: essay, several hunches, brief solution. Strategy numerous research study sessions, packing a whole term right into one research study session does not function.

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