Thursday, November 29, 2012


Scott and I aren't entirely sure what a "refit" entails, but we're pretty sure we did it on our last boat.  Rasmus got a new engine, new sails, new rigging, new steering, new wires, new hoses, new seacocks, new electronics...the whole nine yards.  Sigh.  It was a hard decision to sell what was a literal "labor of love", but we knew that eventually we'd need a bigger boat.  The buyers market combined with being land-locked and able to shop around for six months meant the timing was right.  So here we are with our new boat, checking things off another "to-do" list. (And yes, our beloved old Rasmus sold).

While Asante's work list is impressive, we wouldn't call it an actual "refit".  We like to call what we've done the past eight weeks a "mini-fit".  For those of you boating enthusiasts who care about lists like these, here is what we have accomplished since we arrived down here at the end of September (actually, it doesn't look so "mini" at all now that I see it all typed out):
  • Deck coring fixed
  • Re-bedded deck hardware from bow to midship
  • Bottom peeled and re-painted
  • New custom-made navigation station panel
  • Moved chartplotter
  • Added stays’l
  • Added bilge pump control switch
  • Wired bilge pump directly to battery
  • Added two Y Valves to aft head and manual whale sanitation pump to allow us to either pump out our holding tank manually or divert black water overboard
  • Installed fresh water filter
  • Installed Cruise RO watermaker
  • Replaced pressurized fresh water system pump and added new fresh water accumulator and sea strainer
  • Replaced broken fresh water foot pump
  • Converted starboard salon from a two seat arrangement to single settee
  • Replaced pedestal wiring box cover with starboard
  • Replaced broken panel breaker switches
  • Replaced all halogen bulbs with LED
  • Added pad eyes in lazarette to secure bins and increase storage
  • Built starboard cutting board/sink cover to create more counter space
  • Custom-cut board to convert settee into double berth
  • Replaced old sink faucet heads
  • New EPIRB
  • New (to us) Yamaha 15 HP outboard motor
  • New deck-mounted liferaft
  • Added 7 isolation valves to sea chest
  • New manual whale bilge pump
  • New SSB
  • New AIS (receive and transmit)
  • Weber baby Q grill and mount
  • 2 Solbian CP 125 watt solar panels
  • Fusion stereo and remote control in cockpit
  • New VHF and RAM mic
  • 5 Caframo sirocco fans
  • 4 speakers - 2 cockpit, 2 in main salon (making a total of 4 salon speakers, as there were already 2)
  • PYI instrument antenna pole with rogue wave wifi antenna, aft deck flood light and AIS GPS antenna with wire run for optional secondary VHF antenna
  • Outboard motor hoist
  • New stern light with LED bulb
  • New custom made support for starboard side table
  • Victron battery monitor
  • High water bilge pump alarm
  • Remote for inverter/charger
  • Remote for Genset
  • 4 DC outlets (to make seven total on the boat)
  • 1 AC outlet (to make seven total on the boat)
  • Centerboard retrieval hole drain cover in cockpit
  • Got three jerry cans (5 gallon jugs for fuel, gas, and water)
  • New Rocna 73 lb anchor
  • New windlass gypsy to house 3/8 G4 High-test chain
  • Sails removed, cleaned and serviced
  • Canvas enclosure cleaned and re-stitched with UV protected thread
Still to come in the next few weeks:
  • New dinghy davits by UMT Marine
  • 275 Feet of new anchor chain
  • Replace all mast lights and navigation lights with LED bulbs
So... as you can see we ("we" being Scott for the most part) have done a lot.  None of it, aside from the deck coring and adding the stays'l was structural or what we'd consider "major".  Most of the projects were upgrades to make life a little easier and additions to make this boat a little better suited for cruising and for our family.  I am sure I've missed a few things, but this is the gist of it.  While Scott did a fair amount of this work by himself, we couldn't have done it without the help of our buddy Walt Genske, our boat neighbor Dave, our friend Travis and our new friend, Jake, of Muszynski Marine.  Work is always better and goes by a LOT faster when shared with (capable) helpers!

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