Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cruise RO Watermaker: Installation

Our 30 gallon per hour high output Cruise RO watermaker is fully installed and ready to go.  We have yet to run it, however, as we have not been in clean enough water to do it (marinas, canals, dirty anchorages and the like are not good places to run water makers) but we will be very soon, and rest assured we will let you know how it works.  In the meantime, I want to share some pictures of how our dry-fit went from plan to reality.

Despite the time that it took Scott to design this set up (and it took time!), it was an easy install.  All the necessary fittings (and even a tubing cutter) were supplied as well as incredibly explicit pictorial directions that were easy to follow.  The use of Mur-loc fittings made connecting the hoses a breeze and the modular nature of the unit gave us the flexibility we needed.  The company's owner, Rich, was always immediately available to answer questions via email or phone, day or night, which was a huge bonus.  We're so happy with the way it turned out and think we not only used space efficiently, but made all the necessary components easy to reach and service.  Check it out:
Membranes are mounted on the forward side of our aft hanging locker.  Hardly notice 'em. Scott wants me to point out how the hanging bar goes right through the two of them.  Nice touch, eh?
Hoses about to be hooked up, labeled and ready to perform a little reverse osmosis!
The watermaker locker.  This is on the starboard side of our walk through and holds 95% of our watermaker components. This pic is looking outboard and forward in the locker.
...and this is the same locker, but aft.
Same locker, looking down - this is the high pressure pump.
We built a shelf to cover the motor, and we can store all the filters back there...
And there is still usable space to store other things as well!
The man with the plan
Interested in our watermaker? Here are some more posts:
* Full disclosure:  we are sponsored by Cruise RO Water and Power


NatGeoWannaBe said...

Glad you guys went with Cruise RO...been enjoying Rich's blog for a few years now (and met him at the Annapolis Boat Show a few months ago).

Laura and Hans said...

A watermaker is where Hans draws the line. He says since we did just fine in the Bahamas for 2 months without one, we don't need one. Actually, he's probably right since we really only intend to cruise around the US coast with maybe another trip to the Bahamas. But I certainly understand why you installed one, and I'm sure you're going to love it.

Catherine said...

We have purchased a CruiseRO Watermaker from Rich also, but haven't fitted it yet - we are still building the boat. My husbands comment was the salt water lift pump should either be mounted horizontally or inverted with the pump lower than the motor. That way, if you get a minor leak through the pump seal the salt water won't go into the motor.

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