Saturday, March 02, 2013


Weather pretty much dictates the life of the cruising sailor.  We watch it closely in an effort to predict what it will do.  We try very hard not to get caught off-guard by her wily ways by gathering information from various sources: internet based weather sites (when we have internet), GRIB files, and detailed reports from professional weathermen on the SSB to name a few.  The idea is to move only when the weather is good, and stay put when the weather is bad.  It doesn't always work this way of course - for a number of reasons (incorrect forecasts, rigid schedules and underestimation being the three main culprits for us) - but still, we do our best to demystify mother nature and try to figure her out so that our lives are as safe and comfortable as possible.  Like any strong and powerful woman, we give her a tremendous amount of respect.  We are, after all, at her mercy every single day.  As beautiful and serene as she can be, her moods change quickly and she can turn equally violent in an instant if you are not careful and/or under-prepared.

Today we are expecting a pretty hefty front to blow through this area, one who's gusts might reach up to 30-35 knots.  We've known this front was coming for a week so we have situated ourselves in an anchorage that will protect us from the strong north-westerly winds and we've made sure to set our anchor properly and let out extra scope.  This gnarly weather is expected to last through tomorrow, after which we'll have a short period of calm before yet another front blows through next week.  As such, we're most likely going to stay put here in Staniel Cay for the next five or six days.  As luck will have it, my aunt happens to be down here at the moment visiting her boyfriend on his boat so we are in good company.  In fact, his boat - a fellow Brewer - was the very boat we first looked at to see if we'd like the layout before making the trip down to Florida to look at what would eventually become ours.  Funny the way things work out.  Who would've thought seven months ago that the four of us would be sharing drinks in the cockpits of our sister ships here in Staniel Cay?  What a trip.

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Neophyte Cruiser said...

Having that 70-pound Roncha anchor has to be some consolation on days like today. That along with appropriate scope, you should be fine, particularly if you have part of the cay to shelter from wind waves.

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