Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Prepping a Boat for a Water-Based Short Leave

Isla and I are going back stateside for a short visit which means we must prepare the boat accordingly.  My mind has been a flurry with lists of all sorts: packing lists (for baby and me), pre-departure lists and boat prep lists.  Traveling solo with a baby and preparing a boat for a shore leave isn't super hard, but it does require some work.  For those of you who are curious about how we leave our boat, this is our "short-leave" list.  Bear in mind this list is specific to a boat in the water and a leave of under one month.  If you want to see our long-leave list, check out this post.  You can download a PDF version of this here.

What would you add?


SailFarLiveFree said...

What happens with your solar panels? Do they keep producing energy to top-off the batteries or do you stop the connection while you're away?

Jonathan said...

All seacocks closed EXCEPT seacock for bilge pump.
Pull drain plug in dinghy if leaving in davits

Anonymous said...

Helpful checklist, thanks.

On my boat, I would leave the cockpit drain seacocks open (but perhaps you don't have them on Asante).

Jill and Bud said...

Having just had to replace our forward head hoses because of the build-up due to the reaction of salt water and urine (after using vinegar for 2 seasons) I would replace the vinegar with muriatic acid. Used it one the aft head (build-up not so bad) and it seemed to clear things up. Vinegar did nothing.

Ditto on the dingy drain plug, and cockpit seacocks. We leave both our wind generator and our solar panels connected as they are regulated and will keep the batteries topped.

Unknown said...

Bug bombs every time you leave? Or just as needed?

Linz said...

How do you get to shore to catch your plane if you have to secure your dingy to the davits?

Windtraveler said...

@SFLF - solar panels are left to trickle charge batteries.
@Jonahtan - sea cock for the bilge pump? We have no seacock for our bilge pump whatsoever - it is hard wired to our batteries so it is always "on".
@ Anonymous - yes, I leave the seacocks for the drains open - good clarification!
@ Jill&Bud - good to know - thank you!! We had muriatic acid on our last boat but you remind me we should get some.
@ Jeffery - as needed. We still have a few stragglers...(grrrr)
@Linz - where we are there are water taxis, but in this case our friends picked us up and took us to shore.

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