Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mobile Home For the Win: Life on a Boat

When you have young kids in tow, travel can be tricky. Throw in a set of three year old twins who have no shortage of "spunk" and are a healthy dose of "feral", and it gets even tricker. Simply >>>flying back to my mom's<<< stateside with my three creates an angst in me of epic proportions, and despite living a slightly more "simplified" life than most landlubbers, we still end up with heap tons of crap. And this here is probably the number one reason I love living on a boat: We can travel in our home. All that crap comes with us.

Granted, it still can be challenging to travel with tots on a boat (I mean, it's a boat), but it's still our home and, well, it certainly doesn't get much easier than that as far as travel prep goes. No packing lists necessary. No worrying about forgetting lovies, sound machines or the special "baby socks" that for some unknown reason must be worn every. single. day. No need to try and pare down the absolute essentials of our lives in duffle bags and backpacks, or pack the perfect spectrum of snacks that can be both nourishing and still used as effective bribing tools. We just untie the lines and go. Everything we could ever want or need is right here in our very own floating home. #mobilehomeFTW

There are negatives, of course. Boats are kind of bitchy at times. They are money pits. They can be confining and cluttered. They break a lot, yadda yadda yadda... Then there are the personal constraints: we are not able to travel very far at the moment, nor do we travel very fast, or very much for that matter...this is dictated by choice, of course...our current situation as >>>business owners<<< and parents of three small children keeps us tethered close but no matter what, the potential is there and that alone provides a wellspring for possibility. So while the trips to Europe, Africa and South East Asia that I am scheming in my head will have to wait, it's perfectly okay because we don't need to go very far from our slip to feel worlds away. Being situated here in the >>>British Virgin Islands<<< means we are literally surrounded by amazing places to explore in every single direction. Some are a day or two away, some no more than an hour. 

This past weekend our neighbors (fellow live-aboards) asked if we wanted to sail over to Peter Island with them. My plan for the afternoon had been to do a massive purge of kids' clothes and toys (I am forever tweaking, minimizing, and organizing over here) when Scott broached the subject of a daysail with me; a night at anchor sounded much, much better. Within a few moments we were off the dock and underway. Yep, it was that quick and simple. Just untie the lines, raise the sails, and set our home free.

We had a great day that turned into night with our friends; swimming, exploring, tubing and finally relaxing in our cockpit for some good conversation and drinks. The breeze was consistent and cool, and the yellow glow of our overhead lights cast a sepia tone over everyone as we laughed and chit chatted while the stars came out overhead. Hours effortlessly and lazily slipped away until all the kids started yawning and falling asleep, signaling to us grownups to get them home and to bed.

It was a getaway of less than twenty-four hours, but it was fantastic.

We plan to do this more. A lot more, in fact. 

Speeeeeaking of travel, I have some fun little plans myself...

This weekend (as in, I leave tomorrow!) I am headed to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico with nine other island-based writer women for a long weekend of fun, writing, learning, and - okay, let's be honest - a hefty dose of cocktailing. The agenda is amazing and will be doing everything from paddleboarding to clubbing, and of course we'll be learning from, supporting, and sharing with each other as well. I am truly honored to have been invited on this first writing retreat (hopefully the first of many!) and if the group WhatsApp chat is any indication of what is in store I am going to be in the company of some wonderful, talented and seriously hilarious women. If you want to follow along on this retreat, I will be posting lots of pictures on both >>>Facebook<<< and >>>Instagram<<< with the hashtag >>>#RocktreatPR<<<. In the words of Chrissann, the founder, "there will be no shortage of shenanigans." Word.

Okay, enough of that for now...back to Peter's a few pics of our night away:

#MobilehomeFTW, indeed.

Our girls are so content to sit in the breeze underway.
They chit chat and play.
Our friends and neighbors aboard s/v Santa Arka
It was a beautiful calm sail with all sails up. Isla took her usual spot on the bow, singing into the wind.
Haven was giddy to be arriving at Great Harbor. So giddy, in fact, she stripped naked.
This kid...
Our other neighbor, s/v Demeter. With our three boats there were about 11 kids with us! So fun!
I *finally* finished the gallery wall I started about two months ago. I absolutely love it.
Isla and daddy playing a game of parcheesi in the v-berth. I was spying ;)
When we are #twinning, we are seriously #twinning. I could not love this pair any more. So different, but so in love.
Tuuuuuubing with one of our favorite tweens.
This does not get old. Ever.
"Goodbye sun, thanks for a great day!"
My daily breakfast. Oatmeal with banana and cinnamon, and a liter of coffee. Yes, I drink a whole liter of coffee. #twins 
Scott took Isla and Haven exploring on the paddle board and perched up on this rock for a good long while.
Mira opted to stay back and cuddle with me. I can never deny snuggles from this little pickle-pie.
On their way back from exploring. We left shortly after because the girls and I had a birthday party to attend at 10:30am. 


Marie said...

I just love the boating life. Such beautiful days when it all goes well. There's nothing like sun, wind and water. Idyllic.

It is nice to see that you can slip the lines and sail away; even for short little jaunts. Everybody needs some down time. Not always easy to schedule; but definitely needs to be a priority.

Love reading about your days.....

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