Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Provisioning on our Boat: Getting Better

I think it's safe to say I provisioned the boat a little better than last time.  Maybe it's the fact that we have a fridge and freezer, maybe it's experience, maybe it's my new cookbook - heck, it's probably a combo of all three - but we are eating a LOT better this time around (which, let's be honest, was not a hard hurdle to jump).  There are two reasons for this I think:  one is the simple fact that we have most of the items that recipes call for (which doesn't seem like a big deal, but is when you are me).  The other is the fact that, because this boat has afforded us more space (hallelujah!), we have hugely improved the way we stowed things and it is much easier to get the stuff I need, when I need it.  Don't get me wrong, I still dislike cooking and I don't like provisioning, but it's entirely possible I have turned a corner...

I promised you all that I would show you our provisioning list, and here it is for your viewing pleasure (here is our last one for comparison, in case you are curious).  I'm sure there is plenty of stuff I missed that you would bring and visa versa, but provisioning is a very personal thing.  For example, Scott and I are - for the most partpescetarians so we don't have any meat on this list.  We eat light, healthy meals that are pretty simple in nature ( no mind to the "snack" portion of that list).  We did not completely stockpile our fridge and/or freezer intentionally just in case one or both pooped out on us.  I also did not hoard like a doomsday prepper which I unwittingly did on our last trip.

As for provisioning for baby, Isla eats more or less whatever we do (on top of nursing) so I didn't bother with any baby food.  What I did bring for her were lots and lots of individually wrapped organic baby snacks that I can keep in my purse when we're ashore because you can never have too many snacks.  Ever.  This list does not include all our cleaning and laundry supplies, strictly foodstuff.  Paper towels are one thing you'll want to stock up on (I saw one roll for $4 in Bimini), we brought 18 rolls.

A few "tips" on how we provisioned/stored our goods:
  • Removed all items from cardboard packaging and either put them in Lock & Lock Containers or ziplock bags (usually double bagged). This not only creates more space, but helps to prevent roaches.
  • Put bay leaves in all powdered goods to prevent weevils (sugar, flour, etc).
  • Stored "like items" together for easy access.
  • Used non-skid liners on all shelves and lockers to prevent sliding.
  • Took inventory as we loaded so we have a master list that we can reference.
  • Stored most everything in plastic bins to a) minimize movement of items when underway and b) contain any spills should they occur.
  • Stored many fresh items in our two large gear hammocks hanging in the salon (also good place for chips because they don't break here).
  • Made sure to place heavy items low on the boat and made sure that can storage was far away from any compasses (because they are metal and compasses are magnetic, placing them nearby will screw with the compass).
  • Washed all produce with a vinegar/water solution that I keep in a spray bottle in the galley.
  • Many people wash and label cans, which we did not do this time around, but it bears mentioning.
So far, I'm pretty proud of myself and just about every time I make a tasty meal I exclaim to Scott, "Honey! I actually did a good job provisioning" like a pre-schooler who just learned a new skill.  He keeps reassuring me that, yes, I did do a good job with a smile, but I'm guessing this excitement of mine is going to get old after the fiftieth meal or so.  Until then, the excitement will ensue!
Three spice racks in the galley make fantastic spice storage and very easy to reach.
This is the right side of our galley cabinet (right side is top photo) where we keep everyday items like condiments, coffee.. 
Looking outboard into our cracker/fruit and "extra" locker 
Looking down into our pasta/canned good locker
This here is looking down into our baked goods/dry instant meal locker
And here is our "snack" locker, it's in disarray because we're always reaching in there


Anonymous said...

I see you have bruschetta. Here is a very easy, sorta kinda same thing. You don't need a food processor.

makes 24 toasts
1/2 C black olives
1/2 C green olives with pimentos
2 cloves garlic
1/2 C parmesan reggiano grated
4 T butter
2 T olive oil
1/2 C Monterey Jack cheese grated
1/4 C fresh parsely chopped
1 baguette

Chop olives coarsely in food processor. Transfer to medium bowl. With
machine running drop garlic through feed tube and mince. Add parmesan,
butter and oil. Process into paste. Add butter mixture to bowl with olives.
Fold in Monterey Jack and parsley. Mix well. Cut baguette into thin slices.
Spread with olive mixture. Cook under preheated broiler until bubbly and

B.J. Porter said...

In spite of "provisioning" with quantities of stuff I still feel like I'm going to the store a lot for fresh things like fruit, vegetables, and bread. Of course proximity to French bakeries in St. Martin may contribute to that last but the fresh stuff seems problematic. We've not mastered the art of Storing Vegetables Forever like some cruisers seem to.

Enjoy the baby provisioning while it lasts...I'm feeding a 6'4" fifteen year old and his 13 year old sister so I need bigger snacks!

Anonymous said...

With the five (or is that six) lockers, you really have it covered! In our cat, we don't have that kind of space (for tubs) so our organization is canned on one level (and side), next level dry (to offer balance) and so forth. Lucky to have the space! Enjoy it and yes, looks like your provisioning has paid off well!

DM said...

since you have a freezer, when you open a tin/can of tomato0 paste, put the remainder into a zip lock bag, roll it out in a cylinder and then you can just cut the amount you need per recipe without any waste.

Robert Salnick said...

Looks like you're good on the wine... for a week or two anyway.

(we like Bota Box, but prefer Brown Box)

s/v Eolian

RC inskeep said...

I love reading your posts! Very fun to see all your "stuff" stowed away!

Unknown said...

You guys have the exact same food on your boat that I have at home!

Ken said...

Thanks for posting this one Brittany. It's fun to see what I may be packing in 953 days!

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